Easy Handling Local IP Adresses with Firefox

Are you having trouble remembering all your local IP-Addresses, like the one Octoprint or your local IOT server use?

Well there is an easy workaround for that using Mozilla Firefox browser.

  1. Type in your local IP-Address to Mozillas address bar. Then Click on the star to bookmark it.
  2. Click on the Bookshelf in the menu bar, then on Bookmarks
  3. Right click the entry with your desired IP-Address and click on properties
  4. Enter a Keyword to the bottom line, from now on you only need to enter the keyword to your address bar to access the desired IP-Address.
1. Click on Star to Bookmark
2. Click on Shelf and then on Bookmarks
3. Right Click your desired IP-Address and click on Properties
4. Enter your Keyword
5. Easy access your desired IP-Address just by typing in the Keyword to the Address Bar of Firefox

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