Filament Ranking

This is the Ranking of the 3D-Printing Filaments I used up to now. This represents my own Opinion on the quality of each filament. I took in consideration the print quality, the joy of printing the filament (means how much effort was needed to get good results), how good was the spool wounded, and how often did the nozzle clogg.

Brand PriceMaterialColorReview Rating (0 bad - 5 perfect)Nozzle Temperature °CBed Temperature °C
OWL Filament14,99€PLAGreyPrints fine, Spool is wound nicely (Eventhough there are a lot of people that don´t like OWL)4.522550
Geeetech 3D Filament20,99€PLABluePrints well, Filament sometimes tangles on the spool 3.522550
AmazonBasics18,99€ (not available right now)PLAWhiteCloggs the nozzle from time to time, Very High nozzle Temp. needed323050
Meterk19,99€PLABlackConstantly Blocks the Nozzle and Tangles on the Spool1