Hello and Welcome to my Blog

I can´t believe it, you made it to my blog. The blog is live since 03.01.2020 so I still need to get some content online.

The first posts on my very first project ever ESP8266 Weather Station, my 3D-Printer setup as well as my Filament Ranking are online now.

Also a few posts on my latest projects will follow in the near future. In combination i’m always working on new porjects for example:

  • GPS Tracker for my Bike
  • Upgrading my Ender-3
  • Creating a 3D-Printing Safety Feature
  • A cool robotics arm which is yet only in my mind.

Keep visiting my blog for all the updates, you can also follow me on my Instagram to recieve all the news.

I’m not a professional in any way, if you find any mistakes, please get in touch and tell me!

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