3D Printer Setup

Creality Ender-3

My setup of the Ender 3 in my DIY IKEA Enclosure

It´s the mainstream standard beginners printer from the Chinese company Creality.

Easy to assemble, works almost out of box.

Since there are plenty of reviews and assembly guides online i will skip this point.

Necessary Upgrades

It is recommended to upgrade your XT-60 connectors from the PSU to the mainboard. Early versions of the Ender 3 had crimped XT-60 Connections which tended to act as a resistor. The dissipated heat could melt the Connectors und potentially could lead to a burning printer.

Therefore it is recommended to exchange the Connector whit new ones that are properly soldered in.  See the video guide by Michael the Teaching Tech.

Printable Upgrades

Fan Duct

The by factory mounted fan duct is not the best in regards of air flow.

There are some Upgrades available on Thingiverse. I first tried the Vent ring one but was not that much satisfied.

I changed to the bullseye fanduct which is easy to print. For an complete Guide on how to assemble it see the following thigiverse link. It needs to be mentioned that you need get some additional screws and nuts to mount it.

Dust Cover

The Mainboard cooling fan is not covered so there is a potential risk of printed parts or residues to fall in there and destroy the fan.

Use the Following part from Thingiverse to prevent it.

Belt tensioner

At latest after the lately released video from CHEP´s filament Friday it is definitely recommended to keep your Enders Belts tight.

I myself still need to figure out which belt tensioner is the best. As soon as I figured out, I will post an update.

Money involved Upgrades

  • Creality Glass Bed
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ with an Instance of Octoprint installed
  • PTFE Tubing
  • Extruder